The Scion Manifests in Day

– Where are we?

– We are in Sunnarr’s hands now.

– Will he protect us?

– YES, he will hold on tight and never let us go.

– Will he make sure we are fed?

– NO, we will have to look for food ourselves.

– Will he clothe us?

– NO, we must go forth and find fabrics, and then tailor them to our needs.

– Will he shelter us from stormy weather and the upcoming winds?

– NO, we must build places of refuge in His name.

– Will he point to the right path and show us the way?

– NO, he will open our eyes to the territory, but will not draw us a map.

– Are we not just as hungry, homeless, weather- beaten, and lost as we have ever been?

– NO, for we are ‘the Scion’ and will be forever more.

– Will tomorrow not just be like any other day?

– NO, we will rise early and, before light, we will slaughter our enemy as they sleep.

– Will we praise Him as we lubricate our bodies and quench our thirst with their blood, and make new weapons with their bones?

– YES, for we start as we mean to go on and nothing can stop us, not even the oncoming night, the darkness that falls or the eclipse that threatens our God; for Sunnarr shines brightly, glows heavenly and burns knowingly.


Welcome from ‘the EYE’

In the next coming days we have work from Adrian Reynolds (of fame [amongst other things]- a seriously great creative mind!), Richard Lawman (writer,director and all round renaissance man of ‘The Putty in Your Hands’ Production Company and my favourite musician- Haroon Mushtaq, known also as Theanon Wonder and Music From the Back Seat (find him @… and with more to come!

These are certainly exciting times but this venture won’t be possible if it wasn’t for YOU! We need fresh blood, new hungry writers and creators. Even if you have never written anything before do not be afraid, as you have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is here! We are looking to create a comfortable, positive, pro-active yet thriving creative community where writers can blossom and find their feet.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Horror/ sci-fi/ fantasy/ weird and bizarro fiction and poems submitted in today! We are looking to collate enough work to publish an anthology in the future but everything needs a  beginning and today is that beginning.

Submit to-

JJ Breech