‘A FAINT ECHO IN THE VALLEY’ by David Partington

The valley stretched out before her, it had been a long time since she had walked up the now crumbling asphalt road, time had gone quickly for all around her. For her, time had stood still. A reflection of the past reflected in the deep dark pool that had formed in the valley over the passing years. Once heavy industry, mills, coal smelting, hot hard work had been prevalent here. Now the valley was a peaceful oasis with desperate developers hungry to encapsulate the area with modern atrocities, designed only for the wealthy.

Looking back, had it been a life worth living, was it a waste? A waste of time, effort, tears and undoing of the mind. What had really been achieved? It’s hard to say, who would judge? God?!
What if she didn’t believe? Did it still matter? Or is it up to her and her alone to judge her life and how she had muddled through?

She saw it clearly now, the past that is, not the present and not the future, purely the past. Living there was easier, in fact she had no choice. Others travelled through like tourist, only stopping for minutes or maybe a few hours. She couldn’t travel, not yet, not until she let go.

Love had once been the most important desire in the world, the love of friends, and somebody special, somebody to share the future with. Without them, the future would have to wait. She swallowed the smooth white pills with a gulp of fizzy water. The valley slowly drained of water as if she was drinking the time away. Darkness fell, then all was quiet. She may wake again but for now, she was in no hurry.


David Partington is a well respected ceramicist and artist whose work can be seen at http://partingtonspots.tumblr.com/  He can be contacted through http://www.facebook.com/partingtons.pots