The enormity of it all was overwhelming, stifling and petrifying, all at the same time, yeah, sounds dramatic I know. To feel like this is hard work, it’s not something you would choose and if you could take a pill to make it disappear, believe me you would. I lay on the warm damp grass down near the stream where I often played as a child. It had been many years since I had visited this spot, because since then I had kept well away- for good and bad.

Although the sound of the water was soothing, it also reminded me of darker days, days I had spent many years trying to forget. The area had not changed at all over the decades; I still recognised it all. Unlike other areas nearby there had been no development, this was due to the ground being so unstable, no developer, no matter how determined, would ever try to build on this.
Why had I come back here? Well that would take a lot of explaining, but I will try and be as brief as I can.

My accomplices have all gone now, mostly through drink drugs and –ahem- their behaviour.

Time passes– moving rubbish from the flats I once lived in, the store room must be emptied. Because of the humidity I can feel sweat beading across the top of my head. I reach the lift just in time to see it shut, I wait. Time passes– thinking, pondering, dare I say (I am) dreaming?

I have always wanted to go back twenty years (and down twenty metres), before this and that (mainly that), before I made decisions I now deeply regret.

Lying on the damp grass, I thought I heard the body beneath me move.


David Partington is a well respected ceramicist and artist whose work can be seen at http://partingtonspots.tumblr.com/  He can be contacted through http://www.facebook.com/partingtons.pots