The bizarrEEye is watching you and knows you have a story to tell- be it Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Pulp, Speculative, Weird, Bizarro- just tell it well and tell it now….

What ‘The Eye’ is looking for:

Micro Fiction- a very short, intense blast of imaginative story telling. (300 words approx. or less!)

Flash Fiction- A short burst of ideas: quick to write, quick to read! (300 words to 1,000 approx. or less)

Short Fiction/ Short Stories- The good old fashioned short story we know and love (1,000 to 5,000 words approx.)

Poems- Rhyming or not; haiku, Gothic love poems, post modern and experimental: it matters not, we accept all! (Short and long form)

Now… get writing and send to the below e-mail address with a short, appropriate biography (Just a short paragraph or two about yourself.)

SUBMIT (or be damned for all eternity!) to bizarreeye@outlook.com