I sat nervously, chewing on what was left of my finger nails. I was waiting for another withdrawal, the last had been painful enough but this was going to be the real killer. Banks had always intimidated me but as time progressed I had become even more fearful of what they represented. As I sat waiting for my advisor I scanned the waiting room’s décor. Bare walls for bare faced liars- no pictures nor paintings, no sketches of a child with a tear in their eye or a horse with out a master. Nothing for no-ones.

Finally my withdrawal advisor slipped out of her office. She was a slender, pale skinned woman with not enough meat on her bones for me, but she was sexy in a chance meeting at midnight kind of way. She came over to where I sat, slumped upon the wooden chair, and bent down to meet me at my level.

“Another withdrawal?” she smiled.

“Yes,” I sneered. Would there be any other reason to be here?

She plunged a syringe  into the only unmarked place on my left arm, and took the blood with one, easy slide back.

“It looks like it’s going to be the last.”

I wearily nodded in agreement.

She took what was once mine and threw a plain, brown envelope onto my chest.

“We at this bank don’t expect to see you again,” she said spinning energetically round. “We think your assets have…dried up.”

I clutched the envelope in agreement and closed my eyes to dream. I fantasised of what to spend the money on, maybe a long vacation to somewhere they hadn’t conquered yet. Somewhere the bloodsuckers hadn’t made there own. Somewhere banks weren’t needed. I drifted off, for the last time, with a smile on my face.


One Comment on “‘ONE FINAL WITHDRAWAL’ by JJ Breech”

  1. zej96 says:

    Wow, loved it!
    So dramatic! 🙂 Keep up! ♥

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