‘GREEN IRON’ by David Partington

Hemmed in by green rough iron
Paths leading in grid like ways
Sheltered municipal building with smooth red brick
Waiting for the orange one
November coldness with pockets lined with rich mud, richness for grape and grain.
Not uncorked but twisted metal
A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down
Not red but white easy on the eye and throat
Can you tell me how to get too?
A gaggle approaches made up of short and tall bold and mauve.
Tights pulled high over puppy fat disguising secret rings

Make-up not to cover just to enhance, no sin here yet!
Runes fallen to the floor spelling out the evening…………
Green jacket peace signs, seen more mud than glory
Shoe gazing fashion sense, melody making

Apprehensive but a new born confidence, shares a dram with me, no drama…
Listen as I should have, regretting something without the facts
Washed away now as roots pull through asphalt
Forgot? NO forgiven


David Partington is a well respected ceramicist and artist whose work can be seen at http://partingtonspots.tumblr.com/  He can be contacted through http://www.facebook.com/partingtons.pots


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